Suspence filled writing

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This particular case started with missing persons. A man, a woman, and a man. They had last been seen at varying locations around the DC area. Mostly involving music stores, pet stores, and returning pets. They had purchases varying animals, but the complaint was the same. The pet did not cooperate with what the new owner expected.

The dog had chewed the man’s shoes. The pet store owner had said, “a little training and compassion would have fixed the problem, but no he wanted to get rid of the puppy.”

Garcia was at least thankful that the man returned it instead of sending it to the shelter. The same for the kitten, and the ferret. Sadly, though Garcia was just as upset as the pet store owner.

“People shouldn’t get pets if they aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to proper love and care.” She growled

Spencer noticed during the second interview with the pet store owner, there were three kittens looking at him pleadingly each visit. Their mannerism and facial expressions caught his attention.

When a fourth victim, Joe Harding, disappeared, he was staring at the white board pictures of each victim. It clicked for him.

“The eyes of the kittens in the store matched the eyes of each victim. I believe some how the pet store owner is turning them into pets.”

“But how do we prove it?” Hotch asked?

“DNA test?” Reid suggested.

“Hmm for now we need to keep looking for Mr. Harding” Hotch stated.

Hotch headed out with the others to track down leads. As soon as Hotch left, Spencer grabbed keys to a car and went to the pet store. He took the opportunity to look around. Sneaking into the back room, he put his hand on his gun and walked in. He saw Mr. Harding tied to a table.

As he was untying Mr. Harding, the unsub came up behind him. He grabbed Spencer’s gun and pointed it at him. Cuffing Spencer next to Harding, he sprayed them both with a chemical. They both felt their bodies changing.

As the BAU team burst in, Hotch saw the final transformation. Spencer became the cutest kitten. Hazel eyes staring up at Aaron begging for help. The little calico kitten with the white belly was adorable.

The unsub apprehended and in jail. The team headed home. The four victim kittens safe in the care of Garcia. Spencer wouldn’t leave Hotch’s side. So,home with him he went.

When they arrived, Spencer played with Jack while Aaron made dinner. After dinner, Jack went off to bed. Spencer went to the piano and jumped on the keys. He rolled around on them. Making a sound that was almost musical and interesting, Aaron came over. Spencer was too cute to resist. Aaron pet, stroked, and scratched Spencer as he laid on his back. It was so adorable, he wished that his genius kitten would stay that way. Sweet, playful, innocent, and always make his life mewsical.

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